Andre Le Mont Wilson – “Sistah Cat and Brer Rat”

Born in Los Angeles to a single mother who told stories in schools and at festivals, after she died in 2012, Andre Le Mont Wilson began performing his own stories throughout the San Francisco Bay Area to extend his family’s storytelling legacy. He recently expanded to tell African and African American folktales. He swapped stories at the Bay Area Storytelling Festival, featured at the San Anselmo Storytelling Festival, headlined at the Beat Coffeehouse in Las Vegas, and competed a dozen times at the Moth Story Slams in San Francisco and Berkeley. In 2015, Changing Harm to Harmony (Marin Poetry Center Press) anthologized an excerpt of his story on bullying. In October, he will make his professional debut as a storyteller at the Berkwood Hedge School Telling Tales Festival in Berkeley. Wilson is honored to make his first performance in Oregon at the Northwest Tall Tales Challenge.

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