Norm Brecke – The Scribbler

Norm Brecke is a spirited storyteller who revels in telling a good story. His music, zeal, and humor add to any occasion. When Norm tells … people listen, and often join in.
Norm specializes in folktales he spices to make unique. His personal stories reflect his Northwest roots. Norm often brings music to his stories, accompanying himself on guitar, ukulele, banjo, or mouth harp.
With a background and expertise as a primary school teacher, Norm’s rapport with young audiences is immediate and lasting. He has developed and implemented storytelling clubs, after-school programs where he guides 3rd-5th grade students to select, practice, peer coach & refine their story for public performance. His popular and successful story clubs build young tellers’ confidence in their public speaking & memorization skills – while having fun! He also leads workshops for adults in storytelling techniques.
Norm performs in diverse settings, including bookstores & libraries, festivals & community events, private venues, campfire & park events. He is a popular choice for school Family Nights, Literacy/Reading Evenings, and Pajama Nights.
Noteworthy projects include his narrating for the Seattle Symphony, being a featured teller at the 1st Annual PowellsWood Storytelling Festival, Seattle Art Museum, and performing at the American Library Association National Conference.
Wherever Norm goes, his enthusiasm for telling stories lights people up.

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